How can I contact you?

You can choose to contact us in any of the following ways:

Call us on+34 675 28 69 93.

By sending an email to contacto@naranjasmiguelito.com.

On our website, by clicking on contact. A contact form will pop up.

In our WhatsApp +34 675 28 69 93, leaving a message.

How can I make a request?

You can do this directly in our online store www.naranjasmiguelito.com: click the "buy" button, choose your product and simply follow the steps.

Can I choose the date and time of delivery?

You can choose the day you want to receive the order: we guarantee that the fruit will be cut the day before the delivery (orders within mainland Spain).

Delivery time depends on the transport agency and its delivery routes, most deliveries happening in the morning. Delivery can be chosen to be any time during the morning or afternoon, but times may be illustrative.

What if it wasn´t possible to prepare my order?

If there is a bank holiday, it rains in the fields, or for some other reason why we could not collect fruit and we have not been able to prepare your order, you will be notified on the same day you place your order by e-mail or telephone.

And if I´m not home to pick up the delivery?

The delivery person will leave a note with the contact details so you can re-schedule delivery. You can reschedule the time of delivery to yourself or to a neighbour or if you prefer, you can pick your order up at your closest courier office.

Wha can I do if my order doesn´t reach me in optimal conditions?

You can contact us within 72 hours of the order arrival and it will be replaced at no extra cost. Refuse delivery if the parcel is damaged.

How can I keep good fruit at home? Can I put it in the fridge?

Of course, the fruit can be stored in the fridge. However, to retain its qualities, it is preferable to keep them in the box, separating them if possible in several groups so the weight falls on the lower layers, and to prevent that if any pieces are damaged they deteriorate the ones around it.

In any case, high-quality fruit like ours will keep for a long time provided it´s not stored close to any source of heat.

What does "Integrated production" mean?

Integrated production is a method of green farming that respects the environment and is subjected to strict rules governing the use of fertilizers and plant protection products to treat and prevent pests or diseases, so that it is guaranteed that soil, water and trees will not contain chemicals that remain in the fruit, and the consumer is assured that their fruit is completely free of chemical residues. Even the skin.

Our farms are registered in the Register of Integrated Production of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Rural Development of the Government of Andalusia.