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Naranjas Miguelito is a project of the Sanz family, who grows, commercialises and distributes online through the website www.naranjasmiguelito.com, owned by company Citrícola Condado S. C. A.. ., established in Calle Muelle de Portugal nº 39, entreplanta C, 21400, Ayamonte, Huelva, ID F-21230362, with whom we are associated.

This disclaimer is addressed to natural or legal persons (hereinafter, the User) whom are interested and / or use the services offered on this website regarding online fruit sale.

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Privacy and data protection policy

1 Information rights

Complying with the provisions of the Ley Orgánica 15/1999 of 13 December, on Protection of Personal Data, naranjasmiguelito.com informs the user of this site of an automated personal database created with the data obtained on its website by and for naranjasmiguelito.com, created by Citrícola Condado S. C. A.. . under their responsibility.

Users may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection writing to contacto@naranjasmiguelito.com or to the following address: Citrícola County SCA Portugal Street Pier # 39, entreplanta C, 21400, Ayamonte, Huelva.

2 Objective

The data of users registered through the forms provided on the website of Citrícola Condado S. C. A.. . naranjasmiguelito.com, is collected to facilitate the provision of services of this website and to manage the participation in sweepstakes and other promotional actions.

3 Mandatory or voluntary nature of the information provided by the users and accuracy of the data

The compulsory data on the registration form to be completed by the user is strictly necessary to fulfil your request; nevertheless, the inclusion of such information in the remaining fields is voluntary.

Users guarantee and respond, in any case, to the truthfulness, accuracy, authenticity and validity of their personal data.

4 User consent

Sending personal information by using electronic forms of Citrícola Condado S. C. A.. on the website naranjasmiguelito.com or in emails, means the sender is giving its consent to the automated processing of data included in media communications, services and products from website as well as any electronic communications with information related to Citrícola Condado S. C. A.. ., naranjasmiguelito.com and affiliates.

Moreover, should the user provide the entity with personal data from third parties, it is therefore guaranteed that the user is legitimately entitled to facilitate the aforementioned data and has proceeded to inform the interested parties of it, being held accountable before the law if this is not the case.

5 Electronic Communication

Citrícola Condado S. C. A.. will inform the users of naranjasmiguelito.com who have previously submitted their data of any new communications or important news. If the user does not wish to receive any further communication, they may unsubscribe on the website www.naranjasmiguelito.com or by sending an email to contacto@naranjasmiguelito.com, including in the subject that they do not wish to receive further advertising or they can to cancel their subscription.

Your personal data will be kept on the database indefinitely and may be used for marketing products and services of the company, as long as this is not cancelled.

6 Safety

Citrícola Condado S. C. A.. maintains security levels of protection of personal data in accordance with the Real Decreto 1720/2007 de 21 de Diciembre, on security measures for automated files containing personal data, and has established all the technical means to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of data that users provide through the website, considering that the Internet security measures are not unbreakable.

Citrícola Condado S. C. A.. . is committed to fulfil the duty of secrecy and confidentiality of personal data contained in the automated database in accordance with the law, and to safely handle them in any international transfers of data.

7 Rights on objection, access, modification and deletion of data

The user has the right to access this information, modify it, cancel, object to it and revoke it at any time writing to:

Citrícola Condado SCA
C/ Muelle de Portugal nº 39, 21400 de Ayamonte, Huelva

Processing of personal data and sending electronic communications is made according to the provisions established on the law Ley 15/1999 LOP de 13 de diciembre LOP and Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico.

8 Treatment of data from minors

The use of the services provided by Citrícola Condado S. C. A.. . and naranjasmiguelito.com is not allowed to minors; therefore, please refrain from providing personal information should you be under 18.

9 Changes to the Privacy Policy

Citrícola Condado S. C. A.. reserves the right to change this privacy policy in order to adapt it to any legislative or jurisprudential changes that may arise in the future.