4kg Mixed box


Boxes with 4 kg with a mix of Navel Powell Oranges and Gold Nugget Mandarins *Read MORE INFORMATION (below)

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Seasonal product


15,74 € tax incl.

Shipping included in the price only for mainland Spain and Portugal

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Our products are residue-free, certified and of known origin.
They are boxes with a mix of oranges and tangerines, prepared on our farm and sent to your house.

The total weight (container + fruit) will reach a maximum of 5kg. The approximate weight of the fruits is 4 to 4.5kg.


When combining this product with the product ORANGE BLOSSOM HONEY , the final weight of the shipment will be a maximum of 5 kilos. Introducing the honey product is detrimental to the amount of fruit to adjust the maximum weight of the shipment to 5 KG. This condition only applies to the Pack Single product

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