Consumer groups

We open a new possibility for our clients to obtain better prices on their purchases: we call it Consumer Groups

When several clients from the same town, company or family are interested in buying our seasonal fruit, they can agree to
place a single order (periodic or not) for all of them, for a larger quantity of fruit than if it were a single customer,
which will benefit from discounts based on that amount.
The higher the quantity, the higher the discount.

Important: delivery must be made to a single address per order, from where each member of the group will collect the desired
amount for them. Exclusive discounts for shipments within Peninsular Spain.

The higher the quantity, the higher the discount

It is about taking advantage of the postage of a shipment to send as much of a product as possible.

The weight ranges that benefit from the discount are batches of 30kg / 60kg / 120kg, distributed exclusively in 15kg boxes
(2- 15kg boxes / 4- 15kg boxes / 8- 15kg boxes), therefore, the discounts are they will begin to apply once 2 boxes of 15 kg
of the same product are selected. When the next weight range (60kg) is reached, the discount equivalent to that amount of
product will appear, and the same will happen when the next weight range is reached.

Contact us to find out what percentage of discount each season variety receives and what the total value is.

How to register the Consumer Group and benefit from discounts:

Step 1 - Access the WEBSITE and register a user for the purchasing group, (for example: Sanz Family,
Climbing Friends, Phoniatrics Companions ...), for this it is necessary:

  • email

  • a delivery address

  • contact mobile phone for communication of deliveries

Step 2 - Send by WhatsApp to +34 675 286 993 the username registered by the group (we recommend to do it in advance of the
order), and we will link to this user acount the discounts that will be automatically visible.

Step 3 – Complete the order: select product, variety, quantity, kind of boxes ...

The delivery address coud be changed from one purchase to another, but not in the same order. The purchase will be made directly through our website using a special discount code once we have registered the Consumer Group.


Remember: Exclusive discounts for shipments within Peninsular Spain

If you are interested in Consumer Groups for international shipments, contact us and we will study a way that may be interesting for you.